Monday, May 2, 2016

SOA Implementation Approach

There are three SOA Implementation Approach.


  • Top-Down is Business-centric Approach
  • Bottom-up is Technical-centric Approach
  • Middle-out is Merges top-down and bottom-up approaches.


You company will have SOA Governance which would guide you in selecting above approach.

Oracle Super Cluster

Oracle Super Cluster is best of breed engineering system from Oracle.

It constitute of following components.

  • SPARC Servers
  • Exadata Storage Server and ZFS Storage – Flash Storage
  • Low Latency Network Fabric
  • Management Software


There are two super cluster provided by Oracle – T5-8 and M6-32

Oracle Engineered Systems

  1. Big Data Appliance
  2. Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  3. Virtual Compute Appliance
  4. Exalytics
  5. Database Appliance
  6. Super Cluster
  7. ExaData
  8. Backup Logging and Recovery Appliance